Day 13 – Rabe de las Calzados to Castrojeriz

Day 13 – Rabe de las Calzados to Castrojeriz

May 26, 2015

Last night we were inundated with party pilgrims at dinner who frightened the Flying Dutchman with their middle aged woman raunchy sex talk. I was at a table with The Englishman who we walked 35 km just to get away from the other day and somehow he still found us. The Englishman talks so much he literally made one of my friend’s ears bleed. True story.

Today, after hiking over the Meseta I have OD’d on wildflowers rather than religious iconography. There are 36 beds in my room at the albergue. The snoring should be symphonic this evening. Bring your earplugs, mi amiga!



View from tonight’s albergue 1

View from albergue 2

Ruins of 11th century monastery of San Anton