Day 17 – Sahagun to Reliegos

Day 17 – Sahagun to Reliegos

May 30, 2015

Remember what I said about teasing fate? This morning I discovered a blister between my toes the size of a grape. It was not however from walking the Camino but from going around town in my flip flops with my American friend searching desperately for a hamburger.

Senora la Peregrina

Besides searching for hamburgers I went looking for Senora la Peregrina, a 17th century statue of the Virgin Mary dressed as a pilgrim. She was pretty cool, but I can’t imagine hiking the Roman Road in a full hoop skirt carrying the baby Jesus. Of course I found that other Mary around town as well and added photos of her to my growing Magdalene montage.

Mary Magdalene the Penitent


Today my dusty hiking boots followed in the footsteps of Emperor Augustus himself. Although he would have had an bevy of servants with him and I only had the Flying Dutchman and a hunk of stinky cheese.

I cannot believe that tomorrow I meet mi amiga in Leon. Camino Julie’s flight arrived safely  and she is ready for adventure. I hope she brought her hoop skirt.