Day 20 Mazarife to Astorga

Day 20 Mazarife to Astorga

June 2, 2015

Today was one of the roughest days yet at around 34 km, with many hours in the blazing sun despite setting off in the dark at 5:30 am when only the mentally deranged and pilgrims are awake.

We were rewarded with glorious views of the mountains towards the end of our climb though. I was further rewarded by a pair of sensible sandals bought in Astorga to replace my blister inducing flip flops. Cost three times what I would pay in Canada and worth every penny.


Checked out the Astorga cathedral and museo , hereby known as the “creepy museum” for its frightening depiction of nasty demons with pendulous breasts and scary faces where their genitalia should be. The Gaudi museum was a little less disturbing but still contained the obligatory portrait of St. James decapitating a few moors.


Of course I found Mary Mag in amongst them. Like all women with a past, she is always around somewhere.



Mary Mag 1

Mary Mag 2






Virgin Mary with Christ child

Dinner at the hippy albergue