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Interview with C.J. Cooke

C.J. Cooke is the award-winning author of The Boy Who Could See Demons (2012),  critically appraised by The New York Times, The Guardian, Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, and The New York Review of Books. She is also the author of  I Know My Name, a No. 1 iBooks bestseller. Her latest novel, The Lighthouse Witches, has…

By C.S. O'Cinneide February 21, 2022 Off

The Perfect Lie by Jo Spain

I’ll admit it. Jo Spain had me from the first chapter in her latest thriller, The Perfect Lie, set in Newport, Long Island. Maybe it was the protagonist, Erin Kennedy being an Irish ex-pat. I live with one of those. Which sort of makes me Irish by injection. Or maybe it was Erin’s Bellport Bay…

By C.S. O'Cinneide June 10, 2021 Off